Poetry for Peace

Poetry is powerful. It moves people to act, to think, to laugh, to move, to speak, and to remain still. Whether simplistic or complex, funny or heartbreaking, angry or whimsical, poetry is powerful. We want to harness that power for peace.

Every year, we take out our journals and put pen to paper in that corner room in the English hall to spill power onto the page. We read our words. We hear our own voices. We support each other. We explore our world. This year, we want to center that exploration on a theme and use our power to inspire.

While preparing for the most recent Louder Than a Bomb competition, the students on the BHS slam team researched an issue of grave concern: gun violence. Their group poem, “America Must Reckon,” addressed mass shootings. This topic is one that hit students really hard, one that prompted them to consider how they could use poetry to make necessary changes in our world. During their research process, they found themselves particularly impacted by the the shooting at the Pulse Night Club. As a result, they decided to extend their work beyond writing poetry for competition and see what they could do to inform, inspire, and empower.

This coming school year, Poetic Ramblings is partnering with Spectrum to spread a message of peace while offering opportunities for students to share their voice. We’ll be co-hosting events ranging from LGBTQ writing workshops facilitated by Mass Poetry to a Peace Flag Party in which students and faculty will get together to create flags for BHS classrooms. We are really excited about this collaboration and about seeing how our work impacts the BHS community. If you want to get involved in any of this work, please contact Mrs. Janovitz or Mr. Mistler.

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